Thanks to our chemical laboratory, we carry out quality controls, from the selection of raw materials to the quality control of the finished product: in this way we are able to solve any type of problem in the production processes of our partners.


We create customized designs with reproduction of industrial processes in our laboratories. We produce customized chemical auxiliaries and assist customers in the application phase of textile treatments.

Application Catalogue

Waxes, Bonding, Antistatics

Desizing soaps

Soaps, Anti-Replicating Soaps, Solvent Soaps, Sequestrants, Stabilizers, Dispersants

Imbibents, Sequestrants

Silk degumming


Wool setting

Leveling agents, wetting agents, silicone antifoams, non silicone antifoams, antifelting agents, antireducing agents, reducing agents, buffering agents, acid donors


Enzymes, Fluorocarbon resins, Fluoro-Free resins, Microsilicone softeners, Polyurethane resins, Thermoplastic resins, Anti-pilling, Anti-bulking, Anti-crease, Macro-silicone softeners, Macro-silicone-cationic softeners, Non-ionic softeners, Cationic softeners, Softeners for special uses

Flame retardant, antibacterial, opacifying, darkening, UV protective

Print products

Visual effect products, hair polishing products, jeans polishing products, wellness treatments

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