Cosmetics Experience Store

Project on PRSE 2012-2015 Line 1.1b, POR CREO FESR 2007-2013 Line 1.3b and advance management POR FESR 2014-2020 – “Aid to MSMEs for the acquisition of innovative services” approved with DD n. 6439 of 12/12/2014


Project financed under the Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

Allowed investment: €50,000.00

Contribution awarded: € 22,450.00

The NATURAE GUNE' Cosmetics Experience Store project was born from the will of the management of Massimo Guarducci Srl, to create innovative formulations in terms of quality and sustainability to be offered to customers through an innovative offer.

The first part focused on the design of cosmetic lines for men, women and children that possess the intrinsic characteristics and on the methods of formulation in line with the objective philosophy of the project.

The analysis and research for new products has focused on the following strengths .

  • Natural and vegetable products (derived from the extraction of plants, flowers and fruits)
  • Outstanding beneficial properties
  • Coloring derived only from active ingredients or, if necessary, the addition of food colourings
  • Maximum quality of the raw materials used, selecting them by origin and preferring those derived from organic crops
  • Absence or low percentage of fragrances that contain allergens
  • No animal-derived components
  • Use of new generation preservatives and where possible the absence of preservatives
  • Sustainability: operating instructions for each product to optimize and reduce waste, packaging analysis to minimize environmental impact.

The second part was dedicated to the development of the business idea and the consequent marketing policy. The strategic marketing technique was mainly aimed at understanding and developing the "value proposition" and at setting up messages capable of maximizing the perception of the value offered.

Therefore, the launch of the new cosmetic lines on the market has been carefully designed through the study of a marketing strategy with the aim of:

  • make the products and services of the new Brand known.
  • make the product and the brand in general appreciated through targeted actions aimed at changing the attitudes of potential consumers
  • get action, i.e. push potential customers to take action through the promotion and incentive to purchase products

Among the results

In the foreground is the acquisition of an innovative know-how for the company and the growth of the skills of the personnel involved in the project. Through the analysis and involvement in the various phases, the company staff has acquired the ability to actively and dynamically participate in each new project, adapting and implementing the integrated system when necessary, in their own functional reality.

The wealth of professional skills of each has been enriched with new tools capable of making changes in the logic of continuous improvement, lever of continuous and profound transformation for the Company. The results of the project have put in place interpersonal relationships in a manner appropriate to the situations, and above all the staff is able to set precise objectives and plan activities.

Production methodology : observance of the cosmetic GMP " Good Manufacturing Practice " with reference to the ISO 22716:2008 standard, ISO certification obtained by the company in 2014.