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Massimo Guarducci s.r.l. company

The Massimo Guarducci s.r.l. company, which has been operating in the cosmetic and phytocosmetics/pharmaceutical industry for many years, was born out of the constant and greater needs in the consumers’ search for natural products, who today prefer cosmetics that, in terms of quality are more reliable, produced by companies which have a serious professional image, with new technologies and which operate in compliance with EEC standards, so ensuring high quality control levels.
From the research carried out, various phytocosmetic lines have been created which are marketed under our own trade-names, and other lines, with private label.

The choice and the necessary knowledge of the ingredients which go into a cosmetic product are very important, especially in light of the high number of substances that are used today in the formulations.
For this reason, the company, when deciding on the ingredients, has taken into consideration, not only the functionality of the raw materials, selecting the best in terms of both quality and origin, but also the specifications, trying and testing their bacteriological certification. The possibility of incompatibility with other components in the formulation was assessed, as were the safety levels when the finished cosmetic is being used by the consumer, and the safety of the operator who is constantly exposed to the raw materials.
After having checked the safety file, the technical characteristics and the corresponding batch analysis certification, several tests are carried out on the raw materials at the company’s chemical laboratory. Massimo Guarducci s.r.l. routinely carries out analytical checks on the chemical/physical stability and pureness using Chromatographic Gas methods in Atomic Absorption and Infra-red spectrophotometry.
All this is carried out in respect of and under the complete and correct awareness of the regulation 1226/2009 .

Production takes place in class 1000 clean rooms, the packaging is done in class 10,000 clean rooms, and the raw materials are stored in class 100,000 clean rooms. Great care is taken over the clothing of staff who enter the rooms, so as to avoid any possible bacterial contamination. Air is released into the clean rooms by means of an automatic electronic system, and it is treated with absolute filters that have anemo-static diffusers, and with termoigrometrico treatments calculated at 21°C for the summer and 22°C for the winter with a constant relative humidity set at 50%. The absolute filters are distributed as follows:
1000 class clean room (~ 108 m2); 2 + 2 MVF scanned model modules, 99.995% absolute filters with a nut for D.O.P. – dimensions 610 x 1220 x 66.
Pre-sterile (~ 119.5 m2): 1 MVF MOBILE scanned model module, 99.995% absolute filter with a nut for D.O.P. – dimensions 610 x 1220 x 66.
10,000 class Clean room (~ 161 m2): 9 FP 4 HAN filtering terminals, DELTA AB 4HRR absolute filters.
100,000 class Clean room (~ 165 m2): 5 FP 4 HAN filtering terminals, DELTA AB 4HRR absolute filters.

Massimo Guarducci, strong in its own experience and know-how, with the intention of limiting any possible risk of allergy due to the use of high quantities of preservatives, felt that it was important to combine a number of vegetable substances with specific synthesis preservatives, such as essential oils from lavender, thyme, usnic acid, and propolis, complete with an anti-microbial action.
Nevertheless, acting on the skin’s microbial flora mainly represented by GRAM+ bacteria and yeast, does not mean acting on the flora which can develop in medicines and cosmetics GRAM+, GRAM- bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi) because it is qualitatively very different from that of the skin.

For these reasons, Massimo Guarducci resorted to using synthesis preservatives, chosen from those most similar to substances which are also found in nature.

At the end of the production process, microbiological analyses are carried out on the finished product to measure any possible contamination from bacteria and to calculate the degree of efficiency in relation to their natural deterioration.

Massimo Guarducci possesses an analysis laboratory at its premises where quality controls are performed on finished products, as well as specific tests for meeting production standards (IR, Gas chromatography).

Massimo Guarducci relies on collaboration with University Research Centres to create specific evaluations in compliance with regulation 1223/2009, safety evaluation of cosmetic products, Product Information Files (PIF), evaluation of the Period After Opening (PAO) expiration and skin tolerance tests (Patch Tests) performed on groups of volunteers and Effectiveness tests (smoothing, moisturizing and elasticity) also performed on groups of volunteers.

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